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Allegro - Boynton Beach, FL

marker Boynton Beach, Florida


21 reviews
Lazaro Pizano

neal Geschwind

Allegro claims to be open 24/7 but they seem to not pick up the phone at night. I try calling them to reach my grandmother around 11:00 PM who has dementia to walk her through the steps of going to bed but no one picks up the phone.
Mark Kiess

Robert O.

Thank you Ina for your time and consideration today! Great company and superb customer relations. Highly recommended!!
Carly Mejeur

I went with my 3 year old and one year old sons to look for my grandmother today and they both audibly yelled woah as soon as we walked in! We were all so impressed with the interior design apparently. The artwork was detailed illustrations of nature, like butterflies, flowers and birds, while the textiles were luxurious patterns with silky and linen textures. The people were all smiles (bringing loud children doesnt always draw that response), which made me felt so much more at ease. I think my grandmother will be very happy here.