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Alpine Living Center

marker Thornton, Colorado


34 reviews
cari lisak

Former employee as of over 2 months ago. Terrible place...as a nurse i had up to 30 very needy, high acuity patients with no help from management with IVs, wound vacs, tube feeds or admissions . Too much work for one shift with no help. Worked like a dog...but i would not let my dog work there!!! One star is only because, only option.
Jane George

Sooo bad no air conditioner rooms are filthy patiences wonder in other rooms food is horrible shower is horrible not a good place to leave your loved ones I give it 0 some of the nurses are rude my dad was there just for therapy for 5 days I took him out of there therapist was very nice and caring social workers were great but the rest horrible never again NEVER
Keith Stinson

The staff is amazing. Management is quick to respond to concerns. Therapy is very helpful and have a wonderful gym to get you back on your feet. Maintenance is even quick to fix something as simple as a tv remote. Many of the patients are for a better word forgetful but the staff is understanding and kind. A very good place to go if you need rehabilitation to get back on your feet or if you need care to help you with daily activities.

I have lived at Alpine for 13 years. The staff are good and treat me good. This place makes me feel warm and safe.
Kurt Swaney

My Aunt elected to enter Hospice Care after recent medical complications with an infection. I wanted her to have a private room for her care and Alpine was able to provide her with a private room. As ,my Aunt's health declined, the Alpine staff quickly understood her limited movement abilities, areas of pain and increasingly limited speech. I found the Alpine staff to be sensitive and tender to my Aunt. They would speak softly to her, help her drink water, cajole her into eating some food and comfort her during their rounds. While life / business rhythms in a nursing home can be hectic, I found Alpine to be an attentive and caring environment for my Aunts Hospice care and passing. I really appreciate the care and attention that the Alpine team provided her. Thank you.