4 reviews

Aladdin Assisted Living

marker Brush, Colorado


4 reviews
Beth #1 Morrissey

Small,homey,clean.ok menu.
Kyla Hines

I wouldn't recommend putting anyone you care about here. While my aunt and my mother were there,my aunt Peggy basically starved to death( I think the cause of death was extreme malnutrution and totally dehydrated) you would have thought that they (Aladdin) could have seen that she wasn't getting food down and that they never ever saw her drink a glass of water. They were here sole provider for food and drink. My mom had tried to get them to get peggy to a doctor but they kept saying she was faking it (great faking Peggy, faked it all the way to DEAD....now thats commitment) Within a week of my aunts death they sent my mom to the hospital saying she had a fever of a 103, but once she got to the hospital she had no fever. Apparently, the caretaker didn't know how to use the thermometer, her mistake ended up killing my mom. So in a matter of 2 weeks they managed to kill both of the people we had entrusted them to care for. I wouldn't advise anyone to let these people take care of anyone you care for.
Joshua Kanen

Brush is small but very homey. Such a comfortable feel and caring staff. They have a new administrator that is fantastic and cares deeply for the residents. There is a big facility close to them but it feels much more corporate and doesn't feel like home. Aladdin at Brush truly is home for the residents.
Ron Lasting