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All Seasons | Pheasant Ridge

marker Orangevale, California


2 reviews
Toly Molitvenik

What can I say, I love this place : )

All Seasons Pheasant Ridge absolutely surpassed our expectations. We had looked at many residential care homes but none of them felt right. The minute we walked into Pheasant Ridge we knew we had found the place for our mother. It was beautiful, the staff was very welcoming, and the atmosphere was bright and cheery. We wanted a place where the staff could handle our mothers stroke issues and any other conditions that may arise. It was also extremely important to us that where we put her would be a place where end of life conditions were within the scope of care and she could live out the rest of her life without a move to a nursing home. This place turned out to be a great decision. As our mother deteriorated, the staff was her advocate with hospice, making sure new developments were addressed quickly. When it was clear that mom would pass, the staff was so very sensitive and caring right to the end. They were competent on every level. They were responsive to her every need and they gave us the space we needed. I cannot speak highly enough of Pheasant Ridge. It is wonderful place and Toly and his staff should be proud that they have created a home, not just a house.