7 reviews

Agape Senior Care

marker Oceanside, California


7 reviews
Marc Ordman

12 years ago I was looking for a place to put my Mother. This was the 3rd place I looked at and I walked in and looked around, fresh food being prepared, the owner Angela's husband Marin caring for one of the patients with love and tenderness, a large, airy home with a nice backyard. I knew this was the place for my Mother. She has since passed on and now my brother is there. I do not quite understand the one negative review, but I can say from my observations over the years that these are compassionate people. I recommend this licensed home to anyone with a loved one.
Kylie Lillian

Angela is an amazing woman that would never do enything to hurt anyone! My grams was put in her care. She had a stroke while my mother and I were visiting. She ended up in the care of Angela. Im so happy she did she video chatted my grams and us frequently! She changed my grams clothes! All while we were in Washington state far away! Angela is an AMAZING woman and I cant begin to explain how amazing she is in words!! She inspires me everyday! And even after my grams passed away we still kept in toutch! I love Angela so much!! If you dont know what shape Love is, it is a love that you have with like a friend or family member. And I recommend Agape senior care with all my heart!
Camelia Barbieru

I visited this home along many others and decided to bring my mom here. I am so glad that I did. The level of care is excellent. I was very pleased with Angela, Sebastian and the whole team. They genuinely care for the people and that really shows . My mom seems very happy and especially excited about the food and good company.They really make you feel at home. The house is clean and has a vintage look. All I can say is that Agape Senior care is a true blessing for us.
Jennifer Cline

I can't believe the way these people treated my mother. The administrator is absolutely rude, calling my mom her 'worst patient,' because her dementia causes her to moan. She told me it was too difficult to change mom's diapers. Mom was regularly left in bed all day, no change of clothes, no mental stimulation, no physical therapy, no decent level of care. These people claim to be good Christians, but evicted my mom after I called to express my dismay at their mismanagement of her medication and her inadequate treatment. This horrible experience has truly shaken me. I can't imagine how devastating it was for my poor mom, who doesn't understand why this happened to her. I say stay away from this place if you're loved one needs a high level of skilled care. This place is ill-equipped, under-staffed, and unwilling to perform the basic functions of paid caregivers.
Kylie Voss

Angela is an angel and I'm so glad that my grandmother lived with her! She inspires me everyday to be a better person everyday! I couldn't be anymore happy with the care that my grandmother received! Thank you Angela and Marian! Every time I walked into her home it smelled good and all the elders were smiling! Thank you Angela for helping my grandmother and teaching me about the Romanian culture