10 reviews

Aegis Living Shadowridge

marker Oceanside, California


10 reviews
Eve Keeling

Sub par care unfortunately! We had our mom at an aegis in LA and it was amazing! When we moved mom to Shadowridge to be closer to us we were shocked by how poor the care was! Specifically, no one has a sense of urgency or takes ownership for care of residents! Very disappointing!
Deborah Borders

The facility is nice and my dad likes his nurses. The only complaint I have is not receiving call backs when I leave messages for the head nurse regarding dads health. Its happened three times now.
Ron Foo

My mother needed palliative care during her final weeks and the staff at Aegis worked with us to get her settled. All of her caregivers were excellent and very caring. My brother and I could not ask for better care. Any concern was addressed immediately. It is far from a 'typical' assisted living facility. It looks like a hotel and a very well maintained and CLEAN hotel. Our only regret was not being able to talk our mom into moving there earlier in her life. My brother, Will and I are eternally grateful for the care and compassionate help your staff gave to my mom.
jesus ramos

Looks very pleasant, and Excellent staff on hand

My mother lived at Aegis at Shadowridge for the last three years. While living at the facility, my mom was well cared for and the staff really seemed to take good care of her. My low rating stems from the last 24 hours that she was under their care. My oldest sister (the POA) received a phone call from the facility and told her that she had until 9:00AM the next morning to come and pick her up. She asked for time to find another facility and they refused claiming that they would report her to law enforcement for neglect if she didn't take her out. I was under the impression that they couldn't legally do this, but apparently the can.