6 reviews

Altenheim Senior Housing

marker Oakland, California


6 reviews
Linda Chen

Claudio Griseri

(Translated by Google) OCHACTUNGSVOLL!(Original)OCHACTUNGSVOLL!
Sonya Bailey

It's a quiet senior living facility with activities and a great service director ( Sonya Freeman).
Mailisha Chesney

My mom has been trying to get an application into this place for YEARS and years now, but they won't even take her application or put her on the waiting list. The process for applying to this place is way too opaque! I can't tell if it's just poorly run or if it's actually corrupt and full of nepotism. Unfortunately, we don't 'know anyone' who can grease the wheels for us, so we don't have a prayer of ever even getting to the application phase (while we're still alive, anyway). I notice that the only two good reviews for this place are from people who actually GOT IN. So maybe it's a great place to live -if you can ever actually get in! Clearly the process for this place is deeply flawed.
Marlona Pettiford

I have lived at the altenheim for five years, staff, is great, residents, are very nice. Great location to buses,stores and banks. I love the area very safe.,