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AgeSong WoodPark

marker Oakland, California


6 reviews
Anthony Riles

terese Anderson

We had to put my dad in this place on a last minute emergency placement. This place is depressing, smells like smoke, under staffed. They didn't give him the care and attention he required and also forgot to give him his pain meds for two days. Other residents are left unattended and screaming in the halls. For the high price that we paid, he has no tv, shared bathroom, rooms are very cold with very very then curtains that do not cover all or even half the windows. Today was my first time going to this place and it's my dad's last time in this hell hole. I would not recommend this place to anyoneThere should be a well check or someone from the state need to shut this place down.
lala shab

I have been working at Agesong Woodpark as a volunteer during the last 3 months. I am also familiar with the Agesong philosophy and I know they are working with elders from a deep relational care way. This means they relate and engage with each of their elder in an individual, very caring way. I have not found anywhere else such a loving community where all staff really tries to give their best. I have many experiences in the field of quality control and this helps me see how beautiful Agesong Woodpark is in so many ways. It is a place where I would place my mom they really create a community of people where all, staff, elders and volunteers, come together, talk, laugh and have fun!
Christopher Black

Hi good afternoon,My name is Christopher Black. I would to share a wonderful story. 6months ago I recently took over as the Engagement & Education Director for WoodPark Care. I was greated by a wonderful Management, wonderful elders, amazing companionate care-partners, and families. People love to deceive others, and rate peoples based on hate. But I have seen truelly nothing but love. If you find time please just come in, and feel the love, dedication, and enormous amout of wonderful people.
Taffy Franz

You would be better off putting your loved one in a state hospital. Under-staffed, poor and unsafely maintained, overcrowded, and clients mumbling and screaming in the hallways