5 reviews

ANITA'S CARE VILLA Residential Care For Elderly Or Assisted Living Facility Home For Senior Care

marker Newbury Park, California


5 reviews
Elva Lopez

The place feels like home. And they won't wake u up early at six to give you a bath. 3 to one ratio caregiver. Nice place the food is not cafeteria. I say it's not an upscale prison like other places I've been..
Chris C

I am a handyman and I've never seen such a cozy and inviting place before. I have worked with Will, the owner, there several times on maintenance projects. He is a very warm person. I think that this is a very nice and luxorious place. It is a perfect place for elderly people to live together.
Steve Somogyi

Beutiful house very peaceful setting even had a outdoor daybed in the backyard.
Will Shaffer Jr.

Bill Nielsen

Central Location to Newbury Park Shopping & Walking Distance to Borchard Park. It is still quiet and secluded enough for privacy..American style neighborhood with thoughtful neighbors.Anita's Care Villa is a Beautiful Home all the Appliances are new the Atmosphere it is very peaceful even an outdoor Zen bed in the back garden.