7 reviews

Aegis Living Napa

marker Napa, California


7 reviews
Pastor Vernon

The care givers love Mom. They treat her with compassion and are like family. Mom is in Lifes Neighborhood and the staff provides a loving and secure environment. Its a great place if you can afford it.
Pamyla Means

Thank you Aegis staff for helping our family through a difficult time. During our review of different facilities, Aegis immediately stood out as our favorite. From the gate, staff was very pleasant and interested in meeting our needs....they all greeted us with a smile, told us who they were and what they did...without any prompting. When you walk in the door, they greet you right away and see to your needs. I've shown up unexpectedly, staff dropped what they were doing and accommodated me. If I have a question, I get an answer that same day. The facility is comfortable and welcoming and we have no doubt that our family members will be well taken care of. I love their 'can do' enthusiasm and look forward to our family joining this community!
Alannah Fant

Maida Herbst

My husband has been at Aegis of Napa for 3.5 years. He is happy and active thanks to the staff. My aunt was at Aegis during the last six months of her life, she had brain cancer and was cared for with great care and kindness.I recommend Aegis of Napa to anyone and everyone. I have never had even one criticism of their care.
Darrell Hulford