6 reviews

Aegis Living Laguna Niguel

marker Laguna Niguel, California


6 reviews
Fred Dixon

Aegis, Laguna Niguel is a class operation top to bottom. The staff is outstanding. The facility is second to none.
joon kim

Of all the assisted living or nursing homes I have been exposed to, Aegis Living Laguna Niguel is definitely the best and top quality place in regard to: 1. Overall facilities in layout, upkeep and cleanliness, safety features. etc. 2. Personnel (management and it's employees) in competence, friendly and caring attitude toward the residence, and overall atmosphere of the place. 3. Meals served in healthy, tasty, and well balanced. 4. gathering of families of the residence for every major holidays with good foods and good times. 5. Recognition of the birth days of each residence with birthday cake and happy songs. 6. Many more (too numerous to list here).
karl Heinz Schneider

You should educate your Caregiver to knock the door before entering the room.Because Clarence, Filipina Caregiver just comes in and out as she please and to be more respectful with the nursing team that took care of my Mom during this difficult time.She is just a simple Caregiver not a nurse to make decisions.I dont care if she is been working a lot of years there that doesn't change the fact that she is a Caregiver that must assume her role within her scope of practice.& to stopped rearranging the furniture while the Pt is there and demanding questions like who open or closed the door and her Bossy approach and aptitude with the nurses thinking that she is in Charge.I will delete this comment after you provide right education to her. Problably other supervision never told her anything because they think is not a big deal.I know this can be resolved talking.
Jonathan Ditmer

Every time here I come here to play the piano or teach music to one of the residents, they all seem very happy! The facility is in top condition--very clean!!! No foul odors or anything I could even think of negatively...All of the staff is extremely nice from the front desk to the individual caretakers!Certain special staff that I work with such as Allison, or Susanna are always going out of their way to be especially friendly to all of the residents!!!
Purificacion Pineda