5 reviews

All Valley Congregate Living

marker Granada Hills, California


5 reviews
Nelli Zakaryan

Great place to be in.Nursing and management personnel are excellent. Friendly environment. Food is great.Great location. Most important is a patient care which is excellent.Thank you.
Bryan Jellison

This company is great! The staff is very knowledgeable and compassionate. They took care of a very ill family member and went above and beyond. The home was very clean and organized with all the amenities and comfort one could want. I'm so glad new management has taken over and made things much better. Very happy with the service and care provided.
Mario Aceves

All Valley Congregate Living Center

Dennis I apologize for your experience here at All Valley Congregate Living. The employee you have mentioned no longer works with us we are doing are best to provide the best care for our patients and I apologize for the experience you have received regarding this issue.
Dennis Laureano

This company is terrible, don't ever ever work for this company. I have a staffing agency and last November Liliana from this facility ask for our help to provide staffing during the Thanksgiving holiday. UP TO THIS DATE THEY HAVE NOT PAID A SINGLE CENT. THEY ARE NOT ANSWERING OUR DEMAND LETTERS OR CALLS. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS FACILITY.