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Addie Meedom House

marker Crescent City, California


5 reviews
Kimi Ross

Jenny Collins

Emily herrera

Ramona Reich

My Mother was at Addie Meedom for about 8 months. I could not take care of her at my home anymore. The staff at Addie Meedom was so kind to both of us understanding the hard decision I had to make and the equally difficult transition period my Mother was going through. I was there at least 3 times a day to visit and check on my Mother. Every time I came in I saw the staff cheerfully helping the residents with kindness and infinite patience. I really don't know how they did that day after day. The truth is when your loved one ends up in senior care, it's probably way overdue. Sadly they will not get any better over the long run but need more and more care. That is the sad truth about dementia and Alzheimer's it is a one way street. I am very grateful we have such nice place in Crescent City. My Mother in time was very happy there and made friends with staff and residents. Jennifer the manager was wonderful. Katie ,AJ , Heaven , Patricia, Rose , Barbara I love you all
Colleen Walford

My mother was here for a year before she passed. Compared to several other senior living places my mother was in, I found Addie Meedom administration and staff to be very caring and concerned for my mother's well-being. And, very importantly, my mother really liked them. They were excellent at keeping me informed of any health issues and easy to work with. Thank You Addie Meedom for taking good care of my mom!