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A Place Called Home Residential Care

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9 reviews
Markus Schmucki

We had no experience in finding a residential care home place for my dad. He was unable to take care of himself and my mom being overwhelmed with his diabetes and daily meds and night time care.... Or just getting up from a chair and walking. He showed signs of vascular dementia we believe. At the hospital he was very confused and recovering from a root canal procedure dealing with a tooth infection. We thought with all of this, how could we find the best place for him.We found APCH online and met with David the owner promptly. We knew we did not want to go to a large institutional facility right away for my dad, no way and right away the home spot available here --- was the perfect place with up to 6 residents, 24x7 care, and the staff is so pleasant. The home is clean and the opposite of institutional. My dad adjusted extremely well is more cognitive, regular on meds, diabetes under control and actually, enjoys his home cooked meals from the staff and of course the care. He is out of bed at 7am and in bed by around 8pm I try to see him daily and I am always welcomed along with anyone of our family. It feels like a home and it actually is a normal warm and friendly home.David's team is so compassionate, friendly and consistent. The amount of daily laundry is amazing! They accomodate all of our requests! Most of all, I always ask my dad if there is anything we can do, or any food that he doesn't like here! He says, no, everything is good!So if you are in need with your family to have a place like home for your loved one..... Truely 'a place called home' should be on your list to check out.
Debbie Foulger

Gregory Bass

We were so happy with the care our mother received while at A Place Called Home. The caregivers were skilled and extremely compassionate. Their greatest concern was for our mother's comfort and safety. Equally, they provided insight to us regarding her well-being. As a whole, our family was comforted and confident that our mother, who was unable to advocate for herself, was receiving the best care possible. A Place Called Home provided end of life support through coordination with Hospice along with a doctor, podiatrist, and even a hair dresser who served our mother in the home. We never had to struggle with transporting her to appointments; these services came to her. Thank you to the wonderful caregivers and vigilant owners of A Place Called Home. Our mother enjoy her 'best' care in her final months.
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