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Amber Grove Place

marker Chico, California


13 reviews
Frank Silvestro

Heart, compassion and caring are demonstrated everyday by the caregivers and administration. They are very knowledgeable about the specific needs of all the individuals under their care and do they best to see that those needs are met. The door is always open, to meet with Tony Greer and express openly any suggestions you may have. Brenda is a wonderful Activities Director with a warm smile and awesome countenance. Food is very nutritious and the desserts are an A+. I would strongly recommend that you tour the facility and meet the caregivers. I have been there almost everyday for the last 9 months for breakfast and lunch with my wife and continue to be impressed with the professionalism of all staff members.
Jeff C

My mother lived at Amber Grove a few years ago and while she is no longer there I continue to have a relationship with the facility through a weekly visit where I help lead a church service. I think very highly of Amber Grove and marvel at how the staff strike a strong balance between keen professionalism and deep care for each individual. The atmosphere is upbeat, smiles abound and the truest test is that most of the residents are truly happy, something that says a lot since their life circumstances are often difficult. I cannot recommend Amber Grove highly enough. - Jeff Cripe
Gagandeep Singh

My name is Gagandeep Singh and I am pursuing a Masters in Sport Psychology from Chico State. I was very fortunate to work at Amber Grove Place as a student intern through the winter break of 2019-20. It was a life transforming experience that made me a better human person. Amber Grove Place provides memory care facilities to people suffering from dementia. It is probably the happiest place in the world. The residents are provided with the state of the art services in healthcare. They are treated with kindness, affection and utmost respect, a necessity as they gradually lose their intellectual capacities. The residents get to engage in exciting activities each day, that not only bring them moment to moment joy, but also help them retain their cognitive abilities. From weekly art workshops, sensory games and joke book sessions to scenic drives, aromatherapy and even classical music and sing along sessions, each day is filled with joy, care, love and affection. The staff members here are professionals and expert in their craft. They treat the residents like their family, with absolute empathy and warmth. This was my biggest takeaway from the internship, to treat my fellow human beings with unconditional positive regard, a skill that is transferrable to all areas of life - personal, professional and social. It will help me serve my clients much better as a sport psychologist. I am glad I got a chance to work with some amazing folks and experience the beautiful universe of Amber Grove Place, a place like no other.
Bill Patrick

My wife has been a resident of AGP for 15 months. The family did our due diligence on all memory care facilities in the area before the placement decision was made. AGP was a clear and easy choice. I am very satisfied with the care and attention she receives .
it saint

Mom has been at Ambergrove for over 5 years. I visit every other day, I have never had any concerns about her care. Compassionate staff, wonderfully full activities schedule, great communication with family