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A Better Choice for Seniors, LLC

marker Campbell, California


2 reviews
A K O'Hare

Mary Meehan/ A Better Choice for Seniors was referred to my mother's case (she has dementia) by Adult Protective Services, due a a live-in boyfriend (with his own form of dementia) who was making it very difficult for my mother to get appropriate care.Mary has TRULY been a life-saver for my mother! Literally.I cannot recommend her highly enough.She is amazing, and I know that she is extremely honest, and very compassionate with her clients.She is also very knowledgeable about the whole senior citizen situation in Santa Clara County - i.e. what agencies do what, etc. - so she is an excellent source of information in what can a very confusing scenario.She is very popular, and she is sometimes very busy trying to help so many of us at once - so be aware that she sometimes has her hands full with client emergency, and can't get to you immediately - but, she has been helping us for about 2 years, and always comes through in an emergency.Our family friends and I cannot say enough good things about Mary. She is a gem.
Amanda Barusch

When my father was evicted from an RCFE he had just moved into, the owner referred me to Mary Meehan, who was described as a 'relocation specialist.' Ms. Meehan is evidently well-connected, but she would not provide any references from families who had used her services. Nor would she give me a list of facilities to which she referred people or explain to me what specific training she had in the field of elder care. She did explain that her fee is paid by the receiving facility, regardless of how long the resident stays. I understood that her fee amounted to 50% of a month's rent in the facility. When I expressed dissatisfaction with the facility she sent my father to she accused me of being 'an angry woman.' She got it right. I cannot recommend this service provider.