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Addie's Cottage Senior Living

marker Anaheim, California


6 reviews

My sister has been living there for quite some time now. After trying many of the larger Assisted Living facilities in the area, we have found that Addie's Cottage has been THE perfect place for her. The staff and management have been outstanding and caring. She has been truly cared for and I couldn't ask for anything better for my sister. The higher staff-to-resident ratio is so much better than at the large facilities. This home is truly a home! I highly recommend it.
Ron Browning

My mother has been at Addie's cottage for 18 months now and I feel comfortable and have the peace of mind that she's get the care she needs. The facility is clean and bright, staff is friendly and attentive.
Deb H

We were so lucky when we found Addie's Cottage as my father's new home. Bob, Ruth, Kim, Teresa and ALL the staff truly have created a safe and loving home for their residents. We were always welcomed when we came to visit and got to know the other residents. It's one big family there, and each and every person is treated as family. I sometimes showed up at 'game time' and they even let me play! Mealtimes were extra special. The food is always fresh and delicious, planned for max nutrition and accounting for individual's dietary needs, and prepared by the staff. And listening to the table talk among the residents was hilarious. The ratio of staff to resident is very good at Addie's. My dad (and all of his family) knew each and every other resident and staff member. Addie's took the stress out of managing appointments and other medical challenges. The care with which they interacted with my dad was simply priceless, and to know he was happy there and was loved - and believe me, dad loved everybody right back - meant so much more than I can put into words. Dad lived previously at other care facilities. Addie's Cottage is the only one he considered 'home'. Dad passed away a few months ago, and the dignity shown to him and his family was comforting and appreciated. In short, if you're looking for a place for your loved one where they can feel like they really are at home, where you can come visit as if it's their home, where you know their personal needs, hygiene needs, nutrition needs and just about any kind of need you can think of will be met, if you want peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe, cared for and loved, then Addie's Cottage is a perfect match.
Marie Nunez

Wonderful Family EnvironmentOur family was delighted to find a warm friendly environment for our grandmother at Addie's Cottage. We had looked at several other options and board and cares which was so distressing not only due to the sense of urgency to place her but what we found at other board and care homes. Meeting Bob, Ruth, Kim and all the staff and residences was so refreshing and warm. We immediately knew this was a good fit. Grandma has now been with Addie's for well over a year now. The family environment, fresh cooked meals and tender caring staff has been exactly what she needed. She has not only thrived at Addies. The staff is so attentive and works well with her hospice provider. They always have our best interest at heart and care for her as if she were their own mother or grandmother. Addie's staff attention to details has helped take note of changes in grandma's health to quickly alert hospice and communicate with our family. Necessary adjustments are made in a collaborative manner for her care and she has again thrived on multiple occasions. We have such peace of mind with grandma being cared for so well at Addie's. Visiting grandma is also such a breeze. We have a large family and many family friends who visit grandma. All are welcome and visits are encouraged. It is also fun to run into family of the other residents as well. Thank you Bob and Ruth for creating and sustaining this wonderful home for our loved ones!
Delia Lugo

Thank you Addies Cottage staff and management!!! Our grandmother has resided at your board and care home for over a year now. It was a difficult decision for the family to make when we were faced needing to leave our grandmother in the care of people we did not know. But from the start, Bob, Ruth and the entire staff welcomed our grandmother and whole family with wide open arms. The management and staff have ensured my grandmothers and other residents needs are totally met. The home is always clean and has a warm and friendly buzz you feel as soon as you walk in. Everyone is considered family and are always welcome to stop by any time. We are grateful for the love and care our grandmother receives on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Addies Cottage to any of my friends who may find themselves needing to find a home for their loved one to reside in. Thank you all!!