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AK Child & Family

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7 reviews
Sarah Barker

As a patient that went here for a year, it honestly wasnt the best. The therapist that worked w me did not help me in any way, and when I was finally able to tell her my adoptive mother abused me before sending me to this place she refused to believe me after she talked to my adopted mom for an hour or so, and put me on low trust for lying about abuse EVEN THO I SHOWED THE SCARS. Talk about being on our side yeah. Anyways the staffs Dylan, Noah and Tanja were the best. They really listened to the girls that went here and really did help me. Im not saying any of this out of hatred this is just my personal experience.
Keaton Howard

I didnt have a good experience with the staff and the peers where rude to me and the ct was very stern send them to the Rtc in Palmer

Very unprofecional and in her time of need was put down by her ct and staff numerous times.Acused of false stuff and were very nosy for drama instead of helping students needs.My sister has came out with trama from this place. The staff did not know how to handle under unhealthy situations.More focused on phones or talking negtive/down on students/staff. NEVER SEND YOUR CHILD BY CHOICE. YOU MAY THINK THEY ARE KIDDING WHEN THEY SAY IT IS TOXIC BUT THEY ARENT!!
Alejandro Woods

I was a clinical therapist for about 6 months and during that time there were a lot of shady practices being dealt with at the organization like if you are placed under a performance evaluation with even one check-mark for needing improvement you will be placed under a performance evaluation and therefore if you choose to leave the job all the PTO/time off earned cannot be paid out until after the performance evaluation time period is completed by the person on it. PLEASE DO NOT WORK HERE in order to save yourself from drama and low pay, as well power struggles, as well with working for an organization that will protect themselves way before they advocate for you. Lastly, seriously I worked here and I am so upset and sad that this system and culture of this workplace teaches Sanctuary model yet lacks effective application of the model. Please consider this employment only as a last alternative but not a place to gain your clinical hours, a place where you will work more then 40 hours a week with no over-time pay, and policies that protect and neglect there core 7 values. The amount of Trauma in staff shows how they talk and treat one another as well the kids in their care. The kids have even been at high risk for abuse and neglect under the care of this agency and the state has allowed it due to where else could the kids go? Also please be careful with this organization due to the fact I'm noticing they try and remove negative reviews on different sites.
Anita Hernandez